Muse Behaviour vs Visual Scripting: What's the Difference?

I’ve recently started experimenting with Muse Behaviour and it’s pretty interesting. However, I’ve noticed that it seems a lot like Visual Scripting, but with more specific options. The AI integration in the “Create New Action” feature, confuses me a bit. I’m curious why isn’t this just a part of the normal visual scripting graph. Since visual scripting is great for fast sample prototyping, I’m wondering why we need this whole new system.
Would love to know your take.

Hi @yonatanab1 ,

Muse Behavior is specifically a behavior tree tool, while Visual Scripting is a general non programming visual scripting tool. When you create new actions or any other type of nodes with Muse Behavior you create C# code.

In the future I’m hoping to allow users to implement nodes (which are essentially states in a state machine) using visual scripting, but we’re not there yet :slight_smile:

The goal is for them to work together hand in hand in the future, and keep the high performance that Muse Behavior gives you under the hood.

Hey @ShaneeNishry , Thanks for the quick response
implementing visual scripting states as nodes sounds awesome. it will definitely improve on quick behaviour generation.
can’t wait to see what Muse Behaviour will become in the future,

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