Muse Chat answers cut off

It seems like every chat response of mine is getting cut off. Is anyone else experiencing the same?


exactly, the answer is cut off in the mddle of a sentence.

We’re investigating this problem. Can others thumbs up in this reply to signal how frequently it’s happening for others?


It’s happening a LOT now, I’m having a good discussion so far, the responses have been pretty on point - but now it’s getting ‘bored’! Even after asking Muse to repeat the last response, starting from the last line, it still now gives up after just a few lines.

I suspect it’s the length of the history for my current chat.

Edit: I just started a new chat, and simply pasted my existing code and my next request - it spat out the answer immediately and in full. I’ll keep testing, but I definitely suspect it’s memory related.

For reference this has happened again during a debugging session. It is definitely linked to history size I believe.

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had the same experience, came to the same conclusion, its detinitely linked to chat length. also answers go down in quality as the chat goes on if theres too much context to keep track of, even if you ask a simple question after talking for a while

Good detective work! I’ll keep this in mind next time I try

Using even ChatGPT3.5 is WAY faster and more reliable than Muse. I also get better results - I can get pretty good code and reasonable debugging from CP3.5, Muse just gives up - it isn’t ready and it certainly isn’t worth the money being asked - I’ve already cancelled my sub.

There is nothing here to suggest it’s going to improve either. And I think to be of any more use than it is, it needs to be directly integrated into the Unity editor - kinda like Copilot for VS.


Any update on this? Bit of a dealbreaker if Unity’s own Chat cant rival the output of other commercially available AI, and even free ChatGPT :frowning: I really, really want to like this (I subscribed after all) but at this rate its not worth it. The chat history is too limited. The cut-off conversations is so frustrating. Needs to be better.

Hi everyone! Thank you for sharing here.
Understand all of your frustrations with the cut-offs. We are actively working on this, we have identified the reason (token dropping) and now working to figure out how to address it as it’s unfortunately a pretty complex problem. Will keep you posted.

@Andy3D → Could you please elaborate on what you mean by chat history being too limited? Would be very helpful.

I have the same experience. The longer a conversation becomes, the more cut off responses. And when you keep trying to get responses -and thus the length accumulates- it ends up always responding with “Oops - Unknown error”.

I have submitted feedback through the Unity feedback form, including a conversation id that demonstrates what happens.

As an experiment, I tried to use Muse to help me through the development of a simple card game; and the context and code samples it generated in that conversation were handy as context for new responses.

But with a limited conversation length it does make it less useful, because some stuff just requires a lot of context.

As others have noted, the usefulness is limited - to get meaningful responses we have to add enough contextual information, and the longer the chat gets, the less able we are to add contextual information before it gives up… catch 22.

This is still an on-going issue Unity does realize we are paying for this right?

For me it was the main reason to cancel my Muse subscription. Combined with the limited usability of Muse Sprite and the price point which made it more interesting to subscribe to ChatGPT Pro + JetBrains AI

tbh ive cancelled my sub too, today ive asked muse a bunch of simple enough questions… and every time its given me a drug filled answer such as i asked it how to get user input in a dedicated server build (eg press a key to shut down server or such) and it told me about the input packages and gui and then how to build a dedicated server, but nothing to do with both… moment i down voted its answer it barfed the response… i asked some other questions, later, in a new window cos you need a new window to get out of the barf cycle… and … one question… stupid irrelevant answer… down vote… repeat…

I’m having the same issue. I put up with it for a while but it seems to have gotten a lot worse. At first it seemed like Muse was a good paid option but now I’m thinking of just sticking with the free ChatGPT. Also, I’d love if it was integrated into Unity because I have to explain my Editor setup a lot and wish AI could see my project file. I’ll probably cancel my subscription.

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I agree, there have been a lot of incomplete replies.Integration right into the project would be the best update so it can look at the project with me rather than me trying to clarify everything.