Muse component caching and events

Like everyone else, I started “playing” with Muse Behavior - the future potential really fascinates me.
I looked a little “under the hood” and I had two questions

  1. is there any way to cache components (something like what I tried to do as an option)
  2. will there be any option for local events, because now, as far as I understand, the implementation is focused on Scriptable Object for all “subscribers”

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Hi @unity_33DF643DFB0F08EB16D6 ! (hopefully the right one :D)

You can do exactly what you did with the animator. I’m not sure about the “previous animator” there as it is a blackboard variable and therefore the value of it could change.

You can use events without attaching an event channel SO to the agent, it just means the events will be local to the agent only :slight_smile: (i.e. only events you trigger within the agent using the event channel blackboard variable will be caught).

So for local events, simply don’t assign anything to the GameObject Agent :slight_smile: