Muse - Incomplete Responses Happen A Lot - What to do?

Muse has the potential to be such a powerful product offering. So far I’m using it daily in my XR explorations. The biggest challenge I have is incomplete replies, and the inability to return to complete replies through refreshes and prompts to complete a reply.

  1. Is there a reason so many incomplete responses are returned? I notice this can happen with ChatGPT too, so it seems part of greater AI challenges. I’ve had 11 incomplete replies in just one hour. Half an hour has been trying to get a complete reply.

  2. Is there a best practice to return to complete responses? I’ve tried refreshing the browser, backing out and back into the page, and prompting with “Please complete your reply” or similar.

  3. When incomplete responses happen the thread starts to become messy and often I have to start a new thread essentially wasting any work in a previous thread and costing me credits and time. This results in a messy thread history where some parts of a thread are useful, but I need to look for another thread with info made to get through incomplete replies.

The inconsistency of this issue makes it hard for me to know that I will indeed save time using Muse as a solution to my development needs. Any tips, insights and considerations would be greatly welcomed!

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Hi CaliDave,

Thanks for the detailed post, this is very helpful! We can definitely see the frustration here. Adding a “Regenerate” button is one of our priorities, and your post bumped it up a bit. I don’t have more specific info to share but I’ll let you know when we have more info. Thanks again!

Duane Millar Barlow

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