Muse mess of confusion

Ok so I got an email for a free 30 day trial but the link didn’t work. Then I get to the muse page and signed in but that one says its only 15 days. I tried entering the code from the 30 day but it didn’t work. So now I guess I’m stuck with the 15 days instead of the 30 days??? However, I don’t think based on my experience last night that Muse is even ready to start counting my 15 or 30 days yet. It was a nightmare and Bard and GPT are giving me much better and reliable results. I was hoping that Muse would at least know all the unity code better. Nope… in fact many of my responses in Unity said it was old and deprecated code. That also was among the fact that MANY of the responses were totally incomplete responses stopping a fraction of the way thru and mid sentence. Other code if gave me even though no errors were generated it didn’t work at all as it was requested. This is very concerning as both a Unity user and stock holder that this is considered as “ready” yet. This felt more like Alpha not even Beta :frowning:

For the licensing and 30-day trial, I had to first sign up from the email link, then go to my organization dashboard and assign the seat to myself. Then it worked.

I have had some great results with Muse after specifying explicitly the versions I am using (both via the dropdown and in my prompts) but I am not a very advanced Unity developer so maybe I am lucky to be asking simple questions.

Sadly, I couldn’t do that because the link in the 30 day email didn’t work at all.

It also wasn’t just the problems with its responses - often they were stopping mid sentence as if it was the complete response. GPT used to do that months ago but I have’t had that issue in some time. Hopefully they can work this out but I was really hoping this would know Unity inside and out compared to GPT especially for the newer codes for Quest VR etc.

Also, I don’t think my task should of been that complicated. I have an object with two empties attached - a right and left empty to be a grab point. I have the controllers tagged left and right and I simply wanted it to use the correct empty as the attach point for the correct controller side. Yet everytime I pick up the object its from the middle ignoring both attach options :frowning:

The fact that no one ever even attempted to address my comments or correct the situation is why I cancelled… No way i’m gonna pay for not even beta ready product.

Hi @UNCOMMON_Unity, while not being related to the Muse subscription stuff, I just wanted to post and acknowledge your frustration.

I’ve forwarded this thread to people internally and I hope someone will get back to you. I’d find it frustrating to be in your position and receive total silence and we should do better. I’m so sorry and I hope we can get someone to look at this and improve the way these things are handled.

Hi @UNCOMMON_Unity, I’m sending you a DM to follow up and connect you with the correct channels.