Muse Texture For 3d Model?

Hi there, I asked muse chat if muse texture can create texture variants for my 3d models and it says it can. However when I try it just creates square textures ignoring the texture input I provide which has the correct areas for the 3d model covered. I basically want variants of a texture I provide keeping the UV layout so it wraps correctly around my character model.

hey Andy!
right click on your texture and do: View as PBR.
Once it’s a PBR you can use it on your 3d object!

This doesn’t help I’m afraid. I manage to get the image to ignore the blank areas by moving strength to 90 but the texture is now a copy and it won’t make colour variations for some reason.

Oh sorry, making the model UV aware is coming up.
@Alex-Reid can probably give you pointers to help you achieve what you want!

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I passed on some feedback to the Muse Chat team, we will work on correcting the info it provides about other Muse tools.

At the moment Muse Texture is for seamless materials only. If your 3D model has basic surfaces and is unwrapped in a way that works for seamless textures it is usable, but for complex objects it is not ideal. We have good results on the research side for texturing complex models, hopefully that is available soon :slight_smile:

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