Muse usage tab on muse chat

Hi, there appears to be a bug on the usage tab of muse chat. When I click it, the usage shows briefly and then flicks back to the explore tab, with no way to keep it on usage so I can see what is used. On that point too, as I mentioned in another thread is it really $0.33 for each question asked? 25 points per question will eat up your 3000 points very quickly and does not compare well to competitors. I’m pretty sure everyone will move to chatGPT when these points are enforced if they are sill so easy to work through.

I also had this issue last week but after logging out and back in, the tab stayed. Can you try this and share if that worked for you?

As for the price per question, the limits are not enforced and rate card is subject to change. It is 25 points per chat prompt currently. We’ll keep an eye on how much chat is being used compared to other Muse features, plus competitive market offers that keep changing too, so we can make Muse better and available at a reasonable cost.

I noticed it has been fixed now (The tab issue) thanks for the feedback on the pricing hopefully it will be competitive because I would prefer my solution to be with unity but not by an order of magnitude in cost.

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