Music files too big.

the music i have for the game im developing are about 30~40 seconds long and are in .mp3 format which comes to around 5 mb per soundtrack which i felt was way too large. so when compressed to m4a format they drop to 300 kb ~ 500 kb which is a lot better in terms of size. but i cant get Unity to play them in this format. what else can i do to lower the size of the music AND being able to play it?

Two things:

  1. Lower the bitrate of the mp3 using a tool (lots out there… audacity is free and you can do it in there, I think foorbar 2000 does reencoding). A 5mb mp3 should be more like 5 minutes long. 128-160kbps should sound good enough and make it a lot smaller than it is.
  2. If it’s still an issue you can use stream from disc as described in the Audio chapter of the Unity Manual