Music getting "blocked" by other sound effects

hey guys, so the background music i have in my game works fine until my towers (making a tower defence game) starts shooting and hitting their targets. Each shoot makes a sound as well as the hit, and the rate that they’re shooting is pretty high and this makes it so you cant hear the music until they stop shooting, so im wondering if you have any idea how to solve this?
The Source of the music lies in the camera, as a child and follows it, the effects that get instantiated are farther away and still block the music. Have tried to increase the priority of the music but no no effect.


sry for the bad tag but i had no idea what to write, i tried audio, audio source, etc nothing works…

oh btw the sound thats being initiated by the bullets etc are game objects with a audio source in them, the game objects are destroyed after 3 seconds, dont know if this is relevent or not

You can reduce the sound effect’s volume and make sure you balance the sounds.

Turns out it was the priority just as i suspected, except that it was the other way around. I thought if i turned the priority up to 255 it would be the highest, but i turned out it was the lowest. So all i did was “lower” the musics prioritys number and raised the effects priority :slight_smile: