Music playing from 2 different scenes - how to fix?

Hey guys. I’ve got a main menu, and a level 1. Both have a camera each with a song selected on the GUI as Audio Source. They are both set to ‘Play on awake’.
Under build settings main menu is at the top, and level 1 just below it. When I run the project, both scenes’ music are playing. When I click ‘new game’ (to launch Level1) the MainMenu’s music stops, and the Level1 song plays.

Unfortunately when I untick Level1’s ‘Play on awake’, then the MainMenu’s music is playing fine, but I get no sound from Level1. How can I get them both to play as intended (when the scene is loaded)?

Why is it playing music from Level1 automatically (even though the MainMenu scene is the only one loaded)? I’m still a beginner, so it’s probably just something simple. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

I knew it was something easy! Had to unload the Level1 scene (I had both MainMenu and Level1 loaded). It’s working 100% now :0)