My 3D Collision wont work

I want my player to walk into something and make it switch your scene to the "Main Menu" the Object that i want to switch the scene ill just call that object the Scene Switcher, well this is what i wrote:

void OnCollisionEnter (Collision col)
    Debug.Log("Touching Player");
    if ( == "Player")
        SceneManager.LoadScene("Main Menu");

This script is for the "Scene Switcher"

the player has Rigidbody and a Mesh Collider with Is Trigger ☐ not checked, the Rigidbody is default but Is Kinematic ☑ is checked & X, Y & Z Rotation Constraint are checked :ballot_box_with_check: too, i checked Is Kinematic because i have a Script that has pre-coded gravity

The "Scene Switcher" has a Mesh Collider too, with Is Trigger ☐ not checked.

I actually found the solution. It was because I was using a Mesh Collider.