My AI controlled car "stalls" after making a turn based on a collider


I’m having some trouble with my WheelColliders. I have four on a vehicle that I want to turn right when it enters an area (or crosses a threshold).

The Car has the following move() method:

void Move()
	RRWheel.motorTorque = 5;
	RLWheel.motorTorque = 5;
	 if (collided)
		if (collided.gameObject.tag == "TriggerWall")
			FRWheel.steerAngle = 45;
			FLWheel.steerAngle = 45;
			RRWheel.motorTorque = 10;
			RLWheel.motorTorque = 10;
			collided = null;

The debug log shows that there is torque being applied the whole time, even after it stops moving.

I am calling Move() from the FixedUpdate() method.

Anyone have any thoughts?



Ah! Looks like I figured it out:

I think I was turning the wheel too fast. A lower angle appears to totally solve the problem.