My android game doesn't work specifically on hua Wei devices,My android game doesn't work specifically for hua Wei devices

Apr 19, 23:14 UTC

My game that is in google play store, Hero Vs Monster: The Rise of Demon King was built and uploaded to playstore. I have tested on 10 different devices, 3 of them are hua Wei, and others are Samsung. My huawei’s phone API level is higher than 7.0, and the build settings of unity of minimum api level is android 4.0. My game works perfectly fine on 7 others devices, which are Samsung, by when it turn to huawei, error occurred. I downloaded the game from play store, and when I opened he game, my game just stucks at white screen and stop working, these issues are same for my three hua Wei devices. I asked my friend that use hua Wei device to test my game, Sam error occur. I hope unity could help me to solve this problem by telling to know what to do.

Wei Hang Khoo

Ahh, I have similar problem with Xiaomi.

Check the application permissions. Some devices never asked for application permissions, you just have to manually turn on permissions. Hope this helps.