My animation keeps on repeating on my animator

my problem is my animation keeps on repeating on my animator here’s the screen shot

okay the problem is when WrongAnswer = true is executed it wont stop playing so what I did is i put another idle so it will go there after playing but if I want to play WrongAnswer
again i wont play it because there’s no arrow to go back but if i put arrow to go back it will again not stop playing so what should i do i tried many things but i end up to the animation not stoping, what i want is my animation to just play wrong answer once then go back to idle then if a certain confition is applied it will play again only once then go back to being idle again. so how can i do that im trying to figure this out all day and i cant find the answers so please help me thank you, heres a sample code for it

private void HandleAnswer(int answer) {
							if (answer == 1)

							else { 

You need to go back to the “idle” state, since no transition is configured from the new state you added back to “Wrong Answer”.

If you want to trigger a state change, you can use the anim.SetTrigger API instead of setting a bool with a value.