My Animations will not play in Unity.

I’m new to Unity and I’m trying to make an FPS. I’ve delved into scripting in Unity, but I’m more of an animator. I’ve looked at numerous tutorials over the subject, but every time I make my script and play my “game”, the animation never plays no matter what. I don’t know whats wrong. I have an animation called WalkAnimation, and I have a script called Walk(Which is supposed to play(loop) WalkAnimation when W is pressed). I am using the animator in Unity. I am using a “FirstPersonController” and I have a model “Gun” which is parented under the main camera, and I have a model called “Arms” Parented under “Gun”. I have been making animations for the “Gun” model. If someone could do me a favor and if you could explain to me what I would have to do to make my animations work, please let me know. Thanks!