My Animator is acting Strange

Hello! I am having a problem with my animator. I am trying to make an enemy animation that makes the sprite bounce around. I recorded an animation in the Unity Animation window and then in the Animator window I created a blank animation that was Static and set it as the Default Animation Layer.

When I added the Animator to the Slime Object and pressed Play the Slime enemie’s physics stopped working and it work randomly rock back in forth in the middle of the air. If I disable the Animator component it works perfectly so I’m guessing that is the part with the issue.


This behavior is really confusing me and I cannot seem to figure it out so I would greatly appreciate it if you know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!


It’s a priority problem:

Physics control position/rotation of a game object. If you animate these properties, it might occur a competition on, which system (animation or physics) affects them. That’s why turning off the animator corrects the problem.

In any case try this:

Copy the first frame of the SlimeWalk animation;

Create a new animation (idle)

Paste the frame in that animation

Make idle clip the default state of the Animator.

Best regards