My app is MUCH larger on iOS than Android

My file size is too big on iOS, how can I reduce it?
When I build my app for Android the apk is around 80mb compressed, and 130mb installed on the device. I moved everything over to iOS (Assets folder, obj folder, Library, settings folder, and kestore). Once I moved everything (no new assets added) the ipa file is 175mb compressed and 750mb installed on the device. This is two time larger compressed, and SIX times larger uncompressed than my android build, and I am absolutely baffled by it.

Here is what the editor log is saying:

 Textures        87.4kb    0.2%
 Meshes          0.0kb     0.0%
 Animations      737.8kb   1.9%
 Sounds          25.1mb    67.6%
 Other           3.6mb     9.7%
 Levels          1.9mb     5.2%
 Scripts         1.1mb     3.0%
 Included dlls   3.9mb     10.6%
 File Headers    621.8kb   1.6%
 Complete size   37.2mb    100%

These are the steps I have taken to reduce file size:

-converted all image assets to RGBA PVRTC 4 bits

-converted all sounds files to ogg vorbis

-built for single device instead of universal

EDIT: After looking in the device storage on my iPad where the app is installed I was able to see that the app’s Documents and Data only occupies 95Mb. Where is the additional 650mb coming from?

Step 1.
I converted all of my .png to .gif in areas where detail was not important/pixelation was fine, like all of my GUI (used web 256 settings with transparency so it still looks crisp and clean).

Step 2.
I reduced the quality of all of my .ogg sound files to 60%.

Step 3.
I disabled bitcode from the “Build Settings” tab, as well as removing debugging symbols.

My total ipa file size is now only 70mb compressed, and 400mb uncompressed. This is well withing the app store standards.