My arms aren't animating correctly in Unity from Blender

I am creating an fps but I am new to blender and somewhat new to unity. I tried to take a giant leap forward and make the arms so I... well.. did just that, got it rigged, and animated. However, when I exported it to unity, it plays the animation but with no deform. The arms just move back and forth like a see saw. Each have 4 bones each but In unity, it looks like it only imported one. I am deeply confused... so someone please help me out!

Ok sometimes when you export from blender to unity, weird things can happen (and i mean really weird) I reccomend you the following steps to get your complete model and animations working perfectly in unity:

1) Rig the model really well (no bones out of the mesh).

2)Put a name to every animation you do.

3)Export in FBX mode (never import the blend files, this tend to have errors).

4)Remember to export scene objects and to enable all animations and images.

5)Practice a lot, sometimes you can forget steps.

6)Have fun.

Good luck Cody L.