my attack animation is not working

I have downloaded a demo of a project so then I can look at it and understand it but for some reason my attack animation does not want to work when I click my mouse but when I activate the trigger manually while the game is running it works. I don’t know if its the animator method I’m using or the input method. and I’ve spent more than a day on this with no luck so I really need some help.
I also designed a way of doing the first attack animation first and if in a certain amount of time the attack button is pressed again it will do the second animation.
alt text

You have multiple errors in the console that mostlikely are the cause of the issue, fix them before trying to make it work, it looks like a nullreference exception, make the Animator public instead of private, and drag and drop the reference from the inspector

In your code you have a private variable animator, but that variable is never set to an instance. That’s what the error message is saying.
So you could do this:
void Start(){
animator = this.gameObject.GetComponent();

Then your animation should work.

,In your script you have a private variable animator, but it’s not set to an instance of an object. Thats what the error message says. So you could add this to your code:

void Start(){
animator = this.gameObject.GetComponent<Animator>();

then your animation should work.

yes the script doas not know which animator you want to Trigger … if the animator component is on the same GameObject as the script is, you can just add:

> animator = GetComponent<Animator>();

in the Start() Function