My Background image doesnt cover the whole screen

First of all I need to apologize. I just barely started using unity. Ive watched alot of tutorial but I cannot seem to be able to simply put a background in my scene …

I got a texture 1024X768 that will be used for my background in my project where the resolution is set at 1024x768. My camera has a size of 5 and a pixel to Unit of 100 and is orthographic.

When drag and dropping my sprite in my scene. I can see that it doesnt cover everything.
WHy?? I mean the texture size is the same as the resolution … I just dont get it.

What did I miss?

Your Orthographic size is 5. This is half the world units seen by the camera, so the camera sees 10 units high. You have pixel to Unit set to 100. I assume your 768 is your height. If so the height of your sprite is 768 / 100 = 7.68. So your sprite is not 10 units high and therefore will not fill the screen.

In your game view, set the resolution to this…


Then scale up your sprite to fit the screen.