My .blender files arent textured in unity, what am i doing wrong?

Okay so ive basically been trying to get a grasp of blender so i can import some models into unity. Ive followed directions from this video The Secrets of Realistic Texturing in Blender - YouTube and pretty much made a badass looking rock. Problem is everytime i save a blender file into unity, unity will pick up the model but it will be grey. This is exactly what i do…

  • Do what that guy did except for it being my model.
  • Go to “save as” and save it as a blender file in my custom unity asset folder.
  • Wait for unity to import the file
  • Go into my custom asset folder and drag my model into the game world
  • Model is white, material is missing textures.

Now the one thing i really think im doing wrong or just overlooking is that my Materials folder that blender makes has NONE of the textures ive imported in blender. I use crazy bump and just line in that tutorial, have all these maps setup and working fine in blender.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Seriously this is literally the last thing i need to fix before i can begin building my game.alt text

Ok :

  1. Select your rock object.

  2. Enter “UV Editing” from the drop down box at the top.

  3. Enter “Edit Mode” in the right hand window, if you are not already in it.

  4. Select your whole mesh, press A to do this.

  5. At the left hand side of this window there should be a drop down box called “Unwrap”.
    Select whichever method you want from this drop down list and click ok when prompted.

  6. In the left hand window you should now see your uv map in orange on a gray grid background.

  7. At the bottom of this window should be a little box with “+ New” written in it. Click on this, click ok when prompted, now you should have a black background underneath your uv map. This is your blank texture.

  8. Go back to “Default” from the drop down box at the top.

  9. Select the little camera icon from the tool bar that has the teuture and materials icons on it(the camera should be the first icon).

  10. Scroll down to the bottom where it says “Bake”, select what sort of bake you want to create on your new texture that you created in the UV Editing window before via the “Bake Mode :” drop down box(Textures, Normals etc). The only box that should be ticked is “Clear”.

  11. Click the big “Bake” button with the camera icon at the side.

  12. Go back to “UV Editing” from the drop down box at the top. Now hopefully you will see your texture/normal map or whatever you chase to bake displayed on the texture. If so save it with an appropriate name. If not then something is not setup right in your actual texture, if it is a texture make sure that the "Color : " box is ticked etc.

  13. Import your newly created texture files into Unity. Mark them as the correct type, normal map for normal map etc.

  14. Create a Material, pick a shader that supports the types of texture files you have created and need, apply/select these in the shader selection boxes.

Now hopefully you will have a rock that looks how you want it to.

Forgive me if this dosent help, but one thing i noticed at first glance of that picture you attached is that you seem to be in the “material” tab and not the “Textures” tab (the tab next to it thats made of red/white squares). Also if you wanna see what the blender object should look like in unity,hit F12 on the keyboard and it should render, to leave that window hit Esc. And again, forgive me if this dosent help beacuse Ive got moderate knowledge of blender/unity.

Well you need to import the textures separately.

· Go to UV Editor (in Blender)
· Then save the uv that you have on. The model.
And then (save as) and that should work.