My blender model cannot be seen in playmode

Hey guys. I just created a sword in Blender and imported it to Unity. I placed the sword into a first person view but when I hit play I can’t see the sword. It is a child of my player model and should fall with my player model but I just cant see the sword. All answers are greatly appreciated!

  1. Check if there is any animation on the object, or script that may move the object on play. While in play mode, go back to Scene and try to find the sword in your scene, see whether it’s moved or destroyed.
  2. Check your normals by going to Edit Mode, ‘N’ ->‘Display’ to enable displaying normals. Blender displays faces as double-sided where Unity does not. (this is not the problem if you can see the sword in scene)
  3. Are you letting Unity importing .blend directlly? If so, export fbx instead.