My blender model imported as a prefab?

I imported my model, which is a bridge, into Unity and when I imported it(through the good old method of drag and drop from it’s folder into Unity itself, which has always worked) suddenly turned it into a prefab. Does anyone know how to change my prefab back into a model?

Also another issue***(I’m not sure if this will help people figure out what’s going on here but)*** I had was with the same model being imported but in separate pieces despite it being whole and I made a question about it with screenshots.

Is there something I’m doing wrong here because I’ve never had a model give me so much trouble in Unity before :frowning: I haven’t done anything differently that I know of, I’ve used the same usual techniques to make my models and import them same as always so I’m pretty stuck at this point P: I don’t know if it’s an error on my end or a glitch with Unity itself :confused:

Did you ever find a solution to that? I’m having the same issue