My Bullets aren't moving...

So I’m firing bullets by finding the angle between the player and the mouse position and then transform.Translate the x and y axis towards it. The bullets however just sit there and do not move. Here is my code:

var bulletMoveSpeed: int = 15;

function Update () {

var xdir: float = PlayerScript.hitPoint.x - PlayerScript.pPosx;
var ydir: float = PlayerScript.hitPoint.y - PlayerScript.pPosy;

var angle: float = Mathf.Atan2(xdir,ydir);

var lx = Mathf.Cos(angle);
var ly = Mathf.Sin(angle);	

transform.Translate.x(bulletMoveSpeed * lx * Time.deltaTime); 
transform.Translate.y(bulletMoveSpeed * ly * Time.deltaTime);


So my question is, how do I move my bullets instead of them just sitting there?

Scripting is not exacly one of my forces but try adding a rigidbody or some kind of physics for the projectiles. I hope that was of any help :slight_smile: