My button doesn't work

Hello i have a problem with my game
i follow a tuto to create a tower defense game and i wish adding a 3rd level but that s doesnt work
when i click to my 3 level button it charging le level
i add the level 3 in the scene i do exactly the same with level 1 and 2 but the 3 dont work
Can you help me please

sorry for my bad english

Level 1 and 2 are a scene but my level 3 is a scene to and that’s not working


Where is the code that tries to lad the scene?

Did you added the scene in the porject settings?

Go look some tutorial on “how to add new Scenes”

This is beeing a conversation, and Unity Answers is not for this. I Close the post. If still ned help make another post givin all possible information, your code, show what you have, what your tried, what you think… everything!

Good Luck