My car doesnt accelerate/decelerate properly

Hi, i have this car in unity.
got a movement script, as u can see in images. I have also attached a video on how it looks
the problem is, lets say im accelerating, and want to BRAKE. the car will take SOOO long to come to a standstill. How can i get this shorter? i tried adapting f values in the script, but not sure

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class CarController : MonoBehaviour
    private float horizontalInput;
    private float verticalInput;
    private float steerAngle;
    private bool isBreaking;

    public WheelCollider frontLeftWheelCollider;
    public WheelCollider frontRightWheelCollider;
    public WheelCollider rearLeftWheelCollider;
    public WheelCollider rearRightWheelCollider;
    public Transform frontLeftWheelTransform;
    public Transform frontRightWheelTransform;
    public Transform rearLeftWheelTransform;
    public Transform rearRightWheelTransform;

    public float maxSteeringAngle = 30f;
    public float motorForce = 3500f;
    public float brakeForce = 1000f;

    private void FixedUpdate()

    private void GetInput()
        horizontalInput = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
        verticalInput = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");
        isBreaking = Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Space);

    private void HandleSteering()
        steerAngle = maxSteeringAngle * horizontalInput;
        frontLeftWheelCollider.steerAngle = steerAngle;
        frontRightWheelCollider.steerAngle = steerAngle;

    private void HandleMotor()
        frontLeftWheelCollider.motorTorque = verticalInput * motorForce;
        frontRightWheelCollider.motorTorque = verticalInput * motorForce;

        brakeForce = isBreaking ? 10000f : 0f;
        frontLeftWheelCollider.brakeTorque = brakeForce;
        frontRightWheelCollider.brakeTorque = brakeForce;
        rearLeftWheelCollider.brakeTorque = brakeForce;
        rearRightWheelCollider.brakeTorque = brakeForce;

    private void UpdateWheels()
        UpdateWheelPos(frontLeftWheelCollider, frontLeftWheelTransform);
        UpdateWheelPos(frontRightWheelCollider, frontRightWheelTransform);
        UpdateWheelPos(rearLeftWheelCollider, rearLeftWheelTransform);
        UpdateWheelPos(rearRightWheelCollider, rearRightWheelTransform);

    private void UpdateWheelPos(WheelCollider wheelCollider, Transform trans)
        Vector3 pos;
        Quaternion rot;
        wheelCollider.GetWorldPose(out pos, out rot);
        trans.rotation = rot;
        trans.position = pos;


you forgot to post video or images in your question. you need to learn how to get proper key press input using the input manager.