my car rolls over to the right always when i run the game and wheels fly away from the car,

whenever i run my game my car flips over and the wheels fly away from the car. the car also does not drive and i am using unitys vehicle tutorial asset package. also the wheel colliders just go through the ground. the only way i can keep the car stable is if i set the center of mass offset to 20000 on the x axis. this same thing happened in unity 3 but the other day i upgraded to unity 5 and tried their car package but this happened again. plz help i cant even make my game work because of this. and this happened when i tried making my own scripts by following a tutorial on youtube ( im a real noob when it comes to coding ).

@F14M3THR0W3R Seems like you have rigidbodies on your wheels or something if they fly off. You only need a rigidbody on the parent car object.

There was a long post about cars and stability somewhere, it’s not as simple as one might suspect, especially when it’s being done by the physics engine. So you might have to use something from the asset store or be satisfied with less than realistic physics.

i just checked then and i there aren’t any rigidbodies on my wheels the only rigid body is on the the parent object. i think it may be because unity 5.3.4 didn’t install properly for me but i really cant be bothered downloading it again as it took like 7 hours last time and i have super slow internet.