My character can stop movement of the Death Star!

Hi! Player has jedi’s power in my game… but I dont want it.
Problem I have described in my last question is still topical. But not totully. Let’s take a situation: one rigidbody (its big spaceship) moves to my character (that has character controller), rigidbody is big and heavy, but my small character stops it! How to avoid that? Help please.

Have you attached a rigidbody component to the ship? Played around with masses? Last resort, on your ship’s rigidbody, set isKinematic to true, it won’t budge even if a planet hits it. Or maybe it’s your character’s rigidbody that is set to isKinematic?

Have you read my question? ok. Spaceship has rigidbody. My character has CharacterController. And why I should set isKinematic to true? My ship should be able to get influence of gravity, various forces etc. Mass of my shuttle is about 14000 kg. Also I tried to add that code to my character:

function OnControllerColliderHit(other:ControllerColliderHit){
cVec = other.rigidbody.velocity;
It really works and I can walk inside the ship, but I still can stop it.