My Character can walk on top of objects, but walks right through them

Bit of a weird dilemma, my character has a rigidbody using gravity and a capsule collider( not set to IsTrigger ), my character can walk up ramps and on tops of objects, collision works fine, but he can walk straight through the side of objects and no collision occurs.

Any advice would be really grateful and I’m sorry if this description isn’t very clear

Thankyou in Advance

Two possibilities I think :

1 - You forget to add a collider and a rigibody (same dimension as your character) to the side objects (that might happen, even to the bests :wink: )

2 - Your character is moving so fast that the collision is ignored. For exemple, if my ball is going at 500 unit speeds per frame, and my wall is 1 unit large, my ball might go through the wall even if the colliders are presents.