My character Controller always drifts to the left.

Hi. I just started a new project, and created a cube, and placed my Character Controller on it. When I click play, my character drifts to the left, and off the cube. When i tried turning the camera with my mouse, it still whent to the left. I honestly don’t know what to do.

  • Make sure you have 1 camera scene for player
  • Child that camera to you controller
  • Select camera and right to the transform (on gear icon) set Reset position and reset Rotation

I had the same problem just now. I knew that the construction worker demo worked so i compared that to the setup i made which drifted as described.

I noticed that in the demo both the third person controller and the third person camera controller scripts were attached to the character.
So in my setup i moved the camera script from the camera to the character and that fixed the drift problem.

Must say it’s not especially intuitive that you need to attach the camera controller to the character and not the camera, but it fixed it.
My guess is that the script is using the wrong tranform when calculating how to smooth the camera to follow the character.