My Character Controller passes through walls of my imported assets from Google Sketchup,how do I resolve it?

My imported asset is a building wherein it came from Google Sketchup Pro. I imported my building in pieces because it would not import itself as a whole.(I lack some RAM but it imports itself when I does it by part)

Anyways, I’m using the default the character controller defined in the Unity Assets. The character controller doesn’t fall off the ground but when it starts to walk would go across the walls and the furniture inside my building and it doesn’t look nice if that would happen on the exe file of course.

I am a pure beginner here and I do not know the exact terms used in the things at my hierarchy. My walls had been named as “Mesh2597” and since I do not know what to do I placed a mesh collider in it to try if my character won’t pass through it,but still it passed through. I also added a rigid body? But I think it doesn’t make any sense at all.

So could anyone please help me?

Tick the Convex part in MeshCollider in inspector… Enjoy… :slight_smile:

This is very simple to solve. Go ahead and click on the object that is in the assets folder (NOT ALREADY IN THE SCENE) and then click generate colliders and then scroll down and click apply. This should apply for all the models already in the scene and it’ll work fine