My character's teeth won't move in Unity (from Blender rigify)

Hi. I have a model which uses the Pitchipoy metarig, which I downloaded from here: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

I’ve made some facial animations with this and it works great, in Blender. However, once I import it into Unity (as Legacy) the teeth won’t move. It says the mesh doesn’t have any bone or weight attached to it so it automatically re-targets it to my root bone.

So I looked at the DEF layer (3d last armature-layer) , which indeed doesn’t have a bone for teeth. Only the last layer has 2 bones called ORG-Teeth.T and ORG-Teeth.B.

So what I’ve understood so far is that these are ‘organization’ bones rather than ‘deformation’ bones - I’m not entirely sure what this really means though. I can see that these bones do not move at all during my animations.

How does Blender know when to move the teeth? Where do I find the link with jaw_master? How do I transfer this information into unity?

Any leads are welcome, thanks.

This is foreign territory for me, but you might try adding full weights for the top teeth to the “head” bone and full weights for the bottom teeth to the “jaw” bone - assuming there is one such deformation bone.

It makes good common sense that these changes would enforce the desired deformations.