my colliders don't work properly

Hi I’m currently having a problem where my colliders aren’t working properly. I don’t have isTrigger checked and the main problem is you can tell collision is detected but the player can still just walk through everything. The player and the boxes both have colliders but nothing works.[169744-2020-10-23-2.|169744]

this is the collider from the box


this is the collider from the player

Make sure you are moving your player with physics.
like character controller .move or rigidbody.MovePosition

Next thing you can do is increase the collision detection to Continuous or Continuous Dynamic

@rhapen yes that would have been the answer, but the game I’m working on is an online multiplayer game and when I used physics to move the player all the players on screen moved at the same time. If you know how to solve this please let me know.