My computer won't let me play my own games...

Ok, so I downloaded the first 2 games I made onto my computer via E-Mail.
It could be because I made them on a different computer or because I don’t own Unity,but when I tried to play my games on my computer, it wouldn’t let me play my games and a error message came up saying “mono: failed to load dll”.
What does that mean and why won’t it let me play my own game?? :frowning:

What kind of build have you created? A standalone build? Are you sure you copied all files (the exe file and the data folder)? You have to give some more details when you ask questions like this.

Unity uses for standalone- and webbuilds a player to run your game. In case of a webbuild the user have to install the Unity webplayer plugin to be able to run the game in the browser. Standalone builds get a copy of the standalone player placed into the build folder and it is renamed to your project / build name.

When you “downloaded your games via email”, how have to send them? As an archive (zip / rar / 7z)? Or have you attached the files “seperately”. You email provider’s virus scanners could have stripped away some “potential malicious” files, sometimes even out of zip archives.

Edit: Forgot what I just said, after some more googling, I stumbled upon this answer from Gabriel on this website: You forgot to include the _data directory with their build. Since all of the external DLL’s are in that directory the error makes perfect sense.
Read it here…

So to get back on Unity using Mono Project… Maybe it’s a better idea to implement dotnetfx instead, that at least gives a decent error message (sometimes to much xD) :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, if you can’t get it fixed, it’s important that tell us the following thing in your reply: Is there another game on the computer that is working? Or is it the first time you are trying to install a game on this computer? (This could really contract the area I should look in to solve this problem).

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A few seconds ago, I ended up on this site by coincidence:
Mono Project

Then I remembered that I replied to your topic…

I just googled it, and got it comfirmed that Unity is running on this framework (And not dotnetframework), so when you install the Mono Framework on the computer, the game should start working… Give it a try!

If it doesn’t work after this, I guess Unity should stop using Mono Framework because it’s error messages are so bad / hard to solve…

Did you use an installer? If not, you probably miss the Mono dll’s on that PC. You would need to use the installer to overcome this.

Though I’m not sure how to do it. I published a game only once and AFAIK it just generated a .exe file.

Maybe the games need some extra software like directx / dotnetfx…
I don’t know what Unity requires, but would try to install the updates of those…