My dash is not working (New input system)

private IEnumerator Dash()
if (!canDash)
yield break;

    canDash = false;
    isDashing = true;

    float originalGravity = playerBody.gravityScale;
    playerBody.gravityScale = 0f;

    // Store the current velocity
    float originalVelocityX = playerBody.velocity.x;
    float originalVelocityY = playerBody.velocity.y;

    // Apply the dash velocity
    playerBody.velocity = new Vector2(transform.position.x * dashSpeed, 0f);

    // Wait for the dash time
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(dashTime);

    // Restore the original horizontal velocity
    playerBody.velocity = new Vector2(originalVelocityX, 0f);

    // Wait for the dash cooldown
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(dashCooldown);

    isDashing = false;
    canDash = true;
    playerBody.gravityScale = originalGravity;

This is my code right now, I call it elsewhere. It currently makes me float in place (I can still move normally while floating) and then drops me, nowhere does it apply the movement on the X that is desired, can anyone help? Cheers!

You’re setting the player X velocity to the current position of the player which doesn’t seem to make much sense? What are you trying to do there?