My entire scene suddenly turned white. [Please Help]

Everything was fine and then suddenly this happened:

Everything is white.

All the materials are still applied and working. I don’t need to upgrade any of them, and in the game view everything is fine. Does anyone know what’s happening?

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Clear the search box at the top of the hierarchy panel.

I figured it out. Tyr messing around with fog settings and lighting exposure settings.

For me, it was the exposure setting under the scene view camera settings (camera icon at the upper right part of the scene view. I couldn’t upload a screenshot, sorry)

Check auto exposure settings. In HDRP, this can cause some crazy brightness glitches.

I had the same bug. Although my search bar in the hierarchy was empty, the scene displayed everything in white. The solution for me was to click in and out of the search bar of the hierarchy several times. Seems to be a focus/reset bug of the search bar.