My fbx mess is different in Unity, Any ideas?


I export a FBX maya file in to Unity, in my animation the wings for the bird look very smooth. But when I preview my character in unity the mess looks a bit weird. Any ideas? I have check everything in Maya I have no idea maybe this is an issue with my Unity settings. See a screen shot below.

Thanks in advance,


I think there is Normal Problems in your character.

Go to maya-

1.Select Mesh and check Display >Polygon > Face Normal (If normal is ok then normal potion is up side but if it is flip then normal is in down position)

  1. select mesh go to Normal>Set to Face > Unlock Normal > Soften Edge
  2. export it to .Fbx
  3. import it to unity and check.

If this method is not working you can do one more thing

  1. export your mesh into .obj
  2. import .obj mesh into maya again
  3. export mesh into .fbx
  4. import it to unity its work fine

if you have any issue then ask