My first pack on Asset Store. Keep marketing or just give up?

Hello! Well, first of all, a little of backstory. I launched this game 2 years ago with selfpublishing and marketing as good as i can. Sadly since then it has been downloaded around 1000 times(iOS & Android).

Now, back to the point. I thought that i can pack the art assets and scripts to create a Unity3D Asset that offers good art and scripts to randomize the objects and with a parallax effect included. Mainly pointing to beginners.

Glowy Space - Cartoon 2D Parallax

I did some research, and there’s little competition. However, the competition does not look like they are having much revenue. But it was very easy to pack all of this (around 2 and a half days), so i thought that it may worth the shot if i market it correctly and get $50 - $100 monthly.

The asset has been live since almost 2 weeks and only one person has download it. My marketing has been: Creating a forum topic in Unity Forums, one for when the asset was in development (WIP) and another in the Assets section open to questions for users. Also posting in Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. In all of them i have received little to none responses. Probabbly you have an idea of what has been wrong, but there’s some of my theories:

  1. The pack is too niche. There’s almos nobody searching for this type of assets.
  2. The objective market is not good. Beginners does not want to pay for stuff.
  3. Marketing skills are awful.
  4. The assets always start slow and then pick it up.
  5. The asset store is oversaturated.

Well my question is Should i give up in this asset or keep marketing? Thank you for your help!

Well its seems this is your first product you wanna sell… First of all, you shouldn’t expect big numbers of clients & buyers at the beginning. There are many factors that attract clients. 1. product icon/thumbnail/header: I think this is absolutely clear for everyone, if you want to sell something, you must have unique representative graphics. 2. cost: cost is very important in many cases. There are many people who are mostly accustomed to buy expensive and really high-quality products and now they see the very similar product but with very low price - many people won’t buy this product because of previous scam experiences and support inactivity… 3. reputation: if you’ve got a reputation [as a developer & publiher], thumbs up! More reputation you’ve got, more people know you and believe you are able to make a real magic! How to get reputation? Sharing, publishing, prototyping online.

This is just my personal experience and advice. But never give up. I also had a hard beginning, starting with $6 per month. Now its something around $600 and $700. All what could I do was improving my package and wait - patience. Good luck to the future.

having at leats one person buying your assets feel like a win for a normal person really, that means you can convice others to buy it if you convice one person you can work harder and convice even more, maybe you can add more value to the pack more sprites, better code, more functionalities and culd be good if you add a build to test before buying, so good luck!!

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