My for loop is running constantly

So my for loop will not stop instantiating gameobjects and i don’t think there is an error in the for loop, is it a unity thing or something i’m missing?

function Start () {
	for(var i:int=1;i<playerCount;i++){
		var xPos=0;
		var yPos=-4.05;
		var hello = Instantiate (Player, Vector2(xPos+1/5,yPos), Quaternion.identity); = "Player" + i;

i’ve Debug.Logged the saved number and it’s definitely the number 2, so judging by that the loop should only be instantiating once correct? yet it won’t stop instantiating

Did you attach the script to the object you’re instantiating?

Is this script attached to the object that you’re instantiating? If so, every time you instantiate one then it will instantiate one also; and so-on.