My framerate on iPhone is low, should I switch to 2D?

Hey guys, I’m currently developing an iPhone game. I have been using 3D objects for the scenery. It is essentially rectangle constructed from 4 unity cubes. Then on the inside I have other 3d objects as obstacles. Testing the game on the pc, it looks fine. When I test on the iPhone, the game looks a little more choppy, in addition to the physics looking choppy too. This game is not graphics intensive at all and was wondering why it was acting this way. Maybe I have too much GUI? I’ve looked at optimizations for the iPhone and have looked at the steps. I was thinking maybe it comes down to me using 2D instead of 3D?. The game essentially looks 2D because of the camera view, but I’ve never worked with 2D.[19047-screen+shot+2013-12-07+at+2.50.22+pm.png|19047]

Alright guys, figured out problem just put your Transform.translate() function in the Update section. I previously had my translate function in OnGUI(). OnGUI may be called several times per frame where as Update is not. This made the movement look jittery because opposed to moving 1 unit every frame, it moved a couple units sporadically.

Thanks guys for your help!