My game builds fine, but crashes upon playing?

Hi guys,

I’m getting ready to finish my game for a senior project and the game plays fine in Unity, builds fine on both Mac OS, Windows, and Web, but only plays in Web, as soon as the game starts on Mac OS or Windows and I go past the first screen the game crashes. There are no errors or warnings during the build or anything.

Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestion on how I may go about solving this issue?

On MacOS, you can use the Console (from Applications/Utility/ to look at any error messages your application might have produced before it died. Have a look at that, and see if there are any clues!

I had a problem like this a while back- it happened because I had previously written my own static batching script, and then after I upgraded to Unity Pro, it interfered with the ‘inbuilt’ static batching- what happened was, I was making over 600 copies of my entire scene, and then tarballing them all up into one huge object! Naturally I ran out of memory before that could work.