My game changed to pink color after building... Help me

I have created a game and it works fine on Unity. This is a screen shot of it while I play it in the unity.


Now when I try to build the game as a game which is to be played on windows, and after building it successfully, and when I try to run it, my game looks entirely different than what I see on the unity, the roads and pavements have all changed to pink colour, in my builded game. This is the screen shot of the actual game:


How do I get the actual color of the roads back in my original builded game? What is the problem here? I’m a newbie to unity, so I didn’t know what has actually happened here while I builded the game. Please help me out…

Solved it… In my script I have used two shaders one for mobile devices and the other for pc. The default shader which I have used is only for mobile devices and I didn’t added the shader for using in PC. So in Edit->Project Settings->Graphics->Always Included Shaders and I added the shader which I have used in my script and the problem is solved…

Hi, tonyjoseph456
This question has been asked quite a few times. I would suggest looking at this:

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First make a backup of your project then Delete all folder other than Assets in your project folder then run your project it will take time , then you must have to change platform then make a build and run. It will work 100% sure IA … Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile: