my game dosen,t show in play store search !!

hello , just uploaded my game from 5 days at least , when i write my game name it dosen,t show in search result from play store app on devices and from pc browsers … how i can fix the problem ??

Here’s an experienced answer to a quite similar question on SO: App not in search results on Google Play. The answer to it discusses some issues regarding app search terms and search results.

The answer is:

This is not that uncommon an
experience. I think your app doesn’t
have enough unique keywords in the
name, so it is not showing up.

My app also uses very common words
(“Droid Of The Day”). For the longest
time, I didn’t show up in search
results at all (I would search my
name, and go through all 20 pages of
results, and never see my app). Each
of the words in my name were being
ignored I think, as they weren’t

Bottom line, I didn’t want to change
my name, so I suffered a bit (until I
hit a critical mass of downloads, and
so my search rank went higher).

You can change your name in the Play
Store Console, so I would suggest
trying some different combinations of
words, and try to find some that are
unique to yourself (maybe ‘Poker Wars’
or something).

There is a tool on AppBrains
that allows you to search any app
(check your competitors ;-), and see a
ranking of search terms. I would
suggest you check this out, and use
their suggestions to figure out how
you can make your name more unique,
while still getting your message

Bottom-line, I think your name doesn’t
have enough ‘uniqueness’, and that is
why it is not showing up in search

Also one response on this forum thread also states the same thing:

I raised a support ticket with Google
and they said ‘sky’, ‘is’ and
‘falling’ were common words and they
went on to talk about advertising
being another reason.

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