My game has a large file need to be extracted, please help.

Google Play tell that my game has a large file need to be extracted. The file is sharedassets0.resource
1.60 MB.

I understand the problem but don’t quite understand how Unity support to do the extraction like that. If you have a tutorial or any advice please help.

Google said:
“Avoid delivering all of your assets and resources at install time if they aren’t needed immediately. Reduce your app’s install size by placing the largest files in dynamic feature module(s) and delivering them conditionally or on demand, or consider alternatives such as streaming media files. Learn more
Largest files
Download size
1.60 MB”

My game don’t have any dynamic feature that have to be delivered by the asset bundles. It is a simple casual game 15mb and I want to ship all assets and resources at install time and no need to complicate with the asset bundles, hosting, and post installation etc.

As I known, putting the assets into StreamingAssets folder does not diminue the app size since it will copy all assets into the apk. Even it can make the app size bigger because the assets are uncompressed.

Turn out to my issue, I just want to know what are compressed in the file sharedassets0.resource so that it becomes such big 1.6mb. Is there a way to split it into multiple smaller files without using the complicated methods like asset bundle?

I only need to make another realease without the big files to remove the alerts from google play, not to want make the app size smaller. 15 mb for me is good enough already.