My game has a virus, need FIX

Just built a game in Unity3D v4 and Avast warns that the game has a virus. I did the game with a lot of scripts (like 30), so I don’t know if that’s the problem?


it’s hard find which script have unsafe code which cause virus warning in your antivirus system. you have to check each script manually and check all function which access systems in-built api. there are few posibilites

  1. If any file as access WINDOWS or your Operating system resources. so some time its cause Virus Warning
  2. if you are tying to save data into revered location for os (like Windows Folder, Windows/System32 folder in windows OS)

or few more posibilites. if you describe something about your game and it’s platform. so peoples can help you to get rid-off from virus warning

I know it’s a few later to say, but, I’ll for future people.
I was having the same problem and I figure out that this starts to happens after I put an icon in Player Settings… I dont know why, the image are used in game too, but wen I remove this from the icon exe build works