My game is different on the mac then it is on the iphone?

I Bought the unitZ Asset and i got Control Freak 2 to work perfectly on it.
However i have 2 very minor issues that i don’t have on the macbook but i do on the iphone.

1 - My bullets (Ie shotgun, sniper, assualt rifle, pistol) go away instantly as soon as i press the fire button. I mean it fires but even if the weapon is single fire, it fires all the bullets instantaneously.

2 - i don’t take dame from the zombies

Again on the macbook i don’t have these issues but on the iPhone i do. I don’t understand, i tried everything, can someone please help me fix this?
Thank you!

I know this is not much of an answer but attempting to reach out for some other investors in this asset I have come across this post. I could be wrong, but it appears as though this asset UnitZ is going to be abandon. there are multiple issues with it and instead of producing fixes for these issues and updating the asset. He has instead decided to publish a new asset with UNet for the same price.