My game is finish but is lag on Android! it's disappointing!


I finally finalized my game for Android and with the luck I have!

It is not working properly. I have a tablet (Galaxy Tab E) and my game, but way too much time to throw and lag when navigating the game!

The worst part is that there is no 3d Object! I can’t even imagine, if I had put it on!
My game is simple and works with Unity’s UI feature! It’s all in 2D and works with Canvas Image! + ADS

I do not understand why the game rows on Android !?

On my PC it works, but when I test on the tablet it takes time to load!
I put the Statistics in picture, but my “Batches” of my stats is only 29!

I’ve been researching the forums on the current problem. I followed the advice to put my GameObject in Static and uses the function of the code “SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync” but still the same when loading on Android …

(For the record I only used two scenes, because the game simply works with images!)

Could someone help me make it more fluid on Android?

I was ready to publish the game, but if it just lags on tablet and phone. No one will play it if the game takes 3 minutes to throw!

Thanks in advance for your help !

Broo… what on earth are you doing! Those scripts should never be that high! That’s your main issue right there. Most “Mobile Tutorials” work on lowering rendering, but you hardly have anything to render. Your scripts are junk. Post them on here and I’ll see about streamlining them.

Please can someone help me understand the problem?

However, the game is not heavy under build



Try watching a youtube video on how to reduce lag.

Try watching this video

This should fix your problem:

Application.targetFrameRate = 60;

Long video, saying the same thing

Watch this video, should fix any application lag

Hello, in the build settings, are you use developer build? if you release, make sure not use it and uncheck all below of it.