my game is lost even if i save it and my character moves when it is not builded but stop moving after i buil it for android

i made a game and added some houses etc and a fps controller when i played the game it was working fine i could control the player but then i built it for android and then played the game i was’nt able to control the player . before building it was fine and suddenly stopped . also i made a game saved it saved the scene too then made a new game and saved the project and scene then opened my previous program and saw that it was the same as my new project my old project was not opening and i tried opening the scene still didnt load up help me m new to unity.

Could you control problem have anything todo with that on Pc you have mouse and keyboard and on android you only have touch? Seriously: Unless the script handles different kinds of inputs nothing will happen and I guess Unitys Fps controller doesn’t do that. I would strongly suggest checking out the official Unity tutorials.