my game is really slow?

Hello when i run my game it goes really slow now i have a small world made out of cubes and its weird because when i play minecraft or cubelands there game does not go as slow as mine game does is it because of the amount of colliders or is it something else? Plus the cubes i am using has no textures at all on it its just a regular cube.

Note: I had to repost this question because i did not get any helpful answers sorry that i had to do this. Hopefully i dont repost it again.

colliders don’t give any extra problem by their own, but having many objects do. You probably just need to optimize your game
There are many ways to do this, a good starting point is the manual but you can also find lot of useful info searching for optimization questions.

just make sure that you don’t have any extra objects that you don’t need, and just remember, that when you play your game in the editor, (if you are) it can run slower then when you actually build your game, this is because unity is doin’ stuff in the background, so don’t worry about that too much…

hope this helps…