My game memory is increasing?!

so i have this issue with my game that when u install it it is 29MB and after two to three times it goes up to 100MB is there any way of me fixing this issue? thanks!

I think that, if you are not already uninstalling the game in each test, you’re simply installing the files over and over again. So the first time you install the game, it’s 29 MB but you’re not deleting the files so your just reinstalling the files and then the storage space goes up.

@hopper i tested this on my firends phone… when he installed the game at first it was 29MB then he played two to three times without uninstalling it and then the storage of the game was like 97MB… I also tested this in my tablet but everything seems to fine there is it a bug or shg like that? Also the apk full size is 61MB after making some changes to the game…